I thought you might like to take a peek at where I lay my hat! That isn't too often these days, what with extensive touring, my forthcoming panto, Dick Whittington, and various TV committments. But this is where I call home...

I live in Islington, I'd always wanted to live here and bought the place 17 years ago, just before it became fashionable and all the yuppies moved in. I had to decide the same day if I wanted to buy it or not all those years ago, so it was a quick decision. It cost 90,000.

The house was part of a conversion from a former warehouse, so it was ready to move into without any work having to be done - which was very much a plus factor as far as I was concerned at the time as I was very busy with television, music and stage work.

As I said I spend very little time at home, I'm always doing one play or another, but whether I'm home or away I can always be sure that my home will be immaculate. My mum comes down from Skegness once a month to clean the place for me!

Right: Su's bedroom, with its unusual red and black colour scheme, is one of her favourite rooms. She bought the two large fans above her bed in Bangkok, while the quilt and the pillows - emblazoned with bright red lips and the message 'Smile' - were designed by a friend. 

Right: This is Su's 'playroom'. The mirrored wall conceals cupboards holding old stage costumes. Robert the bear (sitting on the lion) and Tallulah the doll, in the yellow jacket, are both mascots.

Left: In Su's second living room is her piano, which she's still learning to play. The award plaques on the top shelf show Su has been named 'Ideal Neighbour' and 'Rear Of The Year'! 

Left: It takes all sorts! Su plays mother in the living room of her Islington home, seated on the sofa - the single most expensive piece of furniture in the house. Su is an avid collector of statuettes of China cats. "I used to have two cats of my own," says Su. "Unfortunately, I was working away so much I had to give them to someone else to look after." 

Above: The walls of Su's staircase are lined with theatrical posters, cast photographs and other keepsakes. The framed Charmaine! sheet music and the drawing of a policeman next to it were both gifts from friends. 

Above: Standing in her kitchen, Su admits she prefers eating out. "I love very long lunches with friends, starting at 1pm and ending around dinner time!"

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