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Monday 16th May 2005: Down Under & Up North!
Su, Anita and BobbyHi Everyone,

I hope 2005 is being very kind to each and every one of you.

Spookily, my last Snippets, far too many months ago I admit, was composed in Glasgow too.

This, I assure you, has absolutely nothing to do with Davie badgering me for some thoughts!!

Since we last communicated I've welcomed in 2005, had a glorious trip to Australia and been catching up with various mates.

Australia was wonderfully fab, and I managed to catch up with lots of pals, including Ray Meagher (better known as Alf from Home & Away). Incidentally, Ray will be in the UK this Christmas for panto.

I've also been to a few shows and concerts, and particularly enjoyable was my mate Bobby Crush at 'Pizza In The Park'. He played a week of shows there and every night was SOLD OUT! I had a great time. Was good to catch up with him. I would really recommend 'Party In The Park'.

I also caught the catwalk show of a new British fashion designer, Giles. Look out for him, he is going to be the "next big thing"!

Lots more about Down Under, Giles etc, in my new LETTER which you should be able to read here very soon.

Last week I spent a couple of days in Glasgow. Had a ball. Caught the Apollo Players production of OKLAHOMA! at the Kings Theatre. Fab show, good cast.

I also visited Loch Lomond and Helensburgh. What scenery, just gorge.

And now I'm rehearsing for my return to THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES. So I'll best get back to it...

See you all soon.

Much luv,

Su x x x

Sunday 29th August 2004: The sun is out in Glasgow!
SuHi everyone,

From a very busy Glasgow! 

Yes, I've unleashed my Miss Hannigan on an unsuspecting Glaswegian public for the very first time. ANNIE has finally visited the city and can I just say it should have happened long before now. The reaction has been fab and the audiences even fabber! We opened the 2004 tour here, and played this week at the Kings to capacity every performance.

We visited Edinburgh with the show last year so it's only fair, I'm sure you'll all agree, that Glasgow had its turn.

Our "Annie's" for 2004, Stacey Hunt and Emma Hopkins are both terrific and talented, as were all the Glasgow orphans.

It's great to be working with the lovely Louise English, once again playing Grace Farrell. We have a new Daddy Warbucks for 2004, in the delightful form of James Smillie. Everyone thinks James is Australian but he was actually born where I am right now, yes Glasgow! 

It's also fab to be reunited with some cast members from previous ANNIE tours. There's many new faces in the show too, which is always good. We play right through until early January 2005, including three weeks of Christmas shows at the Tameside Hippodrome in Ashton-Under-Lyne. I feel it wil be a great tour and hope some of you can make it along sometime in the coming months. 

Before I forget, I must apologise for the short delay between this and my previous "snippet" - I luv that word!! - It has been a while. 

I've had a fab time in Glasgow, catching up with pals and squeezing in a little socialising here and there. I first visited the city 30, YES 30!, years ago - when I was 9 - HONEST! - when I was in the chorus of A DESERT SONG. I always luv to come back, wonderful people, shops and architecture. I had planned a special lunch outing for the ANNIE cast at the fab Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery in the city's West End. Unfortunately, and unbeknown to me, it's been closed for refurbishment for the last year, and won't be re-opening till 2006!!

Good thing I'm known for my patience.

Next stop on the ANNIE tour is Milton Keynes. If you are in the area please do come and see the show. It's so feel-good, I guarantee you will exit the theatre with a smile on your face.

More snippets soon. Promises that it won't be such a space between this and the next time.

Much luv,

Su xxx

Friday 23rd May 2003: Vaginal Greetings to you all!!
Su, Gary & JudiHello campers !

Yes, it's me. I've got time at the moment to keep you all updated with a few bits and pieces as I'm stuck at home on doctors orders. I was under the knife last week as I had an "arthroscopy" which to the lay man means that I have had a troubled cartilage attended to. The problem has been going on for years (I can trace it right back to when I did GODSPELL in the 70's) and the constant wear and tear over the years was causing me increasing problems so finally my consultant said enough was enough and in I went for the op. I've got a colour scan of the operation in progress which I'm showing to all my visitors - not too many have thrown up over the carpet !!!

My script has arrived somewhat late for the VAG MON, so I am trying to learn all the monologues in time for my opening night in Dartford.  My fellow Vaginists will be Jenny Jules and Tamara Beckwith, so an eclectic mix of personalities. If some of the regular viewers of the web site come to see me then please make yourself known afterwards. It's always nice to know when people have taken the trouble to see the stage productions that I am in. 

ANNIE will not be too far away. We have a new Annie in the lovely, talented form of Lucy Barker who some of you will remember as "Tessie" in the last tour. Now Lucy steps up to take on the lead role and I'm sure she'll be terrific,  a worthy successor to Jemma, our 2002 Annie. I'm sorry to disappoint anybody who was planning to see me in Cork.  Unfortunately my panto contract was signed before the ANNIE tour dates were finalised but those in Ireland can rest assured that Christina Thornton will make a fearsome Miss Hannigan. She's a very talented lady.

I'm recording STARS REUNITED on 27th May, which looks like being a real fun tribute to HI DE HI! in the company of my old pals Paul, Ruth and Nikki. I've got to go to Pinewood Studios on 2nd June to record my WEAKEST LINK too.  I haven't got broadcast details of either of these shows so keep a look out in the listings magazines just in case I am appearing on a tv near you !!! Incidentally,  the short film I appeared in some time ago entitled LULLABELLE is showing at various film festivals up and down the country so once again keep your eyes peeled.

One of the most exciting things on the cards is a brand new play scheduled for production in the spring 2004. It's called A HAPPY MEDIUM and is written by John Bett and Dorothy Paul. I shall be playing a character named Ellen Small who discovers that she has a physic gift... I suppose it is like a modern day Madam Arcarti and the script is just one of the funniest that I have read in a long, long time.   It's really a part I am dying to play and as I write the tour dates are being sorted out. So even all these months away irons are in the fire for this terrific new comedy.    Stay tuned to SuOnline for further details as and when they are confirmed !

Finally,  let me tell you of a project I have had to turn down my dears. Believe it or not a television production company wanted a whole host of well known faces to appear in (wait for it) I'M A CELEBRITY SHOVE ME OUT OF HERE! They wanted us to go up in a Lear Jet and let the public vote for which one should be thrown out of the plane at 20,000 feet up. Surprise surprise they have had to cancel because they couldn't get anyone to agree to do it. The exception being my old pal Richard Whiteley who was rather game. He's braver than me.

As usual thanks to Davie for his usual brilliance in Cyberspace. I leave you with this piccy of me with the fantastic Gary Wilmot and Dame Judi Dench at the anniversary celebrations for the Open Air Theatre Regent's Park last year. I don't know what I am saying but it might well be pleading for a job as the new Miss Moneypenny !

Love to you all and hope to see some of you at the VAG MON.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

Luv and kisses

SU xxxx

Thursday 24th April 2003: Twice in a month!!
Su and Gary WilmotHello all,

I know you are going to die of shock but I have actually managed to get another of Su's Snippets down on paper to keep you all updated with my latest goings on. I'm going to be quick because I am off to Hilda's this afternoon because one of my auntie's has died and it's her funeral tomorrow. Very sad. Luckily I have some snazzy black numbers at the back of my wardrobe somewhere.

At long last I can reveal that my stint with the VAG MON will be for three weeks only taking in Dartford, High Wycombe and Canterbury. There was talk of me doing the Liverpool date in the middle of the month but the producers now want some of the cast of Brookside to have a crack at it (is that an unfortunate choice of words?) If you live on Merseyside though I hope you will pop along and give them your support. I did think it would be a easy gig but apparently you have to learn all the monologues off by heart, so I shall have my head stuck in the Vagina script for most of the next few weeks. Fingers crossed I manage to get my tongue around it all (!!!!!!!)

Aside from that I am going to be doing an episode of THE WEAKEST LINK which will be an 80's special alongside such icons as Limahl and Linda Lusardi. I'm really looking forward to it, although I hope Anne Robinson won't be too hard on me. I've known her for years though and I know there is a really nice person beneath that gruff exterior.

Another very exciting project which looks as though it will happen sometime in May is from the producers of a new television show entitled STARS REUNITED and they are looking at reuniting for the first time in a long while the cast of HI-DE-HI! Although we see each other as individuals on a regular basis we haven't all got together in the same room for many years so if it comes off it will be a great chance to remember the days when I was a chalet maid at Maplin's.

Speaking of which I hear that the video and DVD sales of the first couple of series are selling really well so fingers crossed that there will be some more out soon.

I know some of you are anxious for the autumn tour dates of ANNIE but I am still waiting myself for the list. You'll be the first to know though when I get them. Sometimes Davie or Rob tell me first when and where I'm appearing,  the producers always forget to tell me... I adored being Miss Hannigan last year and can't wait to get in the orphange and beat a few brats. Likewise the looming panto season looks as if it will be a good one, tickets are now on sale at the Hexagon Theatre in Reading and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible over the festive season.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon with some more news and gossip. 

Luv and kisses

SU xxxx

Wednesday 2nd April 2003: Greetings from Islington!
Hello everyone,

A big Hi-De-Hi from sunny Islington. This is the first of Su's Snippets - gosh I hope I can keep it up! As some of you may be aware from press reports I have taken part in an afternoon of tapings to send good wishes to all our brave boys out there in the Gulf. It was a fab afternoon with many celebs taking part in the videos for Combined Services Entertainment including Al Murray (aka the Pub Landlord!), Claire Sweeney, Dean Gaffney and my old chum Gary Wilmot. Even Sir Cliff Richard popped along to lend his support. Let's hope God shines his light on them all and they come back safe and well. 

This morning I was in the studio with Don Black (who wrote the lyrics for Sunset Boulevard and the forthcoming Tell Me On A Sunday with Denise Van Outen to name but a couple of international successes !) and composer Debbie Wiseman to record a song for Little Robots called "The Sparkle Song". It's really catchy and I think the plan is to release it as a single in the future, if Bob The Builder can make it to number one I'm sure our robot friend Noisy can follow suit !!!! 

Sad to say the proposed tour of Annie out in Kuala Lumpa fell through because of the political situation but instead I shall be making my debut at last in The Vagina Monologues for a month of dates in June (details to be confirmed), It's all rather risque but I hope to have as many people in the audience as possible viewing my Vagina (Monologue of course..) 

The ever wonderful Davie will keep you informed of the tour details when they are known. 

Sad to say my lovely pussy Michael (named after the actor Michael Dennison) passed away a couple of weeks ago of kidney and liver failure. He had been staying with his Uncle Vince for a while as I've been away so much. I have had him since the mid eighties so he was getting on a bit. I shall miss him a lot. No donations or flowers please. 

I've got a photo shoot for pantomime in Reading soon so I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks to everyone who has been e mailing me, I try to reply to as many of you as possible. I cannot email back so if you would like a reply please make sure you include your postal address. I think the post office in Islington think I have got a lot of pen friends as I have to take arm fulls of letters to be stamped regularly.

Take care of yourselves

Luv SU xxxx

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